5 Tips for Shoving off to Sea!


July, 2017


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How hard is it to shove off to sea?

Shoving off to sea is hard and very thought-provoking for the first dozen times you end up doing it. By the thirteenth time, it’s a matter of how fast can you do it so you can reach the open water and continue along your way.

That being said, if you are just getting into sailing, yachting, boating (, etc.) then read these tips on how to shove off into the open water and keep your course!

Tips for Shoving Off!

A Boat doesn’t move like a Car – You need to keep your directions clear and obvious. A boat doesn’t move like a car; it’s not a single direction, it bobs and weaves. When you are steering be careful and conscientious of your surroundings!

Mind the Wind – The wind is your enemy when you are leaving the harbor. If you are being pushed by the wind, it is a good idea to wait it out or push very hard against it!

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Make sure the lines are free from the boat and the dock!

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Cast off all lines before departing – I mean this before you begin turning the boat in any direction, get those lines down. Untether yourself and keep moving out to see without endangering your ship or other boats.

Know when to Drop Sail – Dropping Sail acts more as a metaphor in this circumstance. When you are moving back into the dock, you need to know when to drop your sail and let it all hang out, riding the course until you can connect to the dock safely.

Anchoring – Anchoring can be tricky if you’re not careful. When you are anchoring, the trick is not to catch yourself on something. Remember an anchor won’t keep the ship still, it will only tether it to the ground, but that tether can be broken.

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