The Aqua Vodka process is quite complex and entails the following:

Preparation of Mash
The wheat is placed in a mash tub or machine with built-in agitators that pulverize the fruits as the tub turns around or revolves.

Sterilization and Inoculation
This prevents the growth of bacteria. It is crucial to the making of distilled spirits. Mash is sterilized by heating up to boiling point. After this, it is injected with lactic-acid (bacteria) to increase acidity levels for the fermentation procedure. The mash gets another inoculation after the preferred acidity level is attained. 

The pulp is poured into huge stainless-steel holders. A certain amount of yeast is put in after which the tubs are closed for two until four days. Enzymes (complex chemicals) convert sugars in the pulp to ethyl alcohol.

Distillation & Rectification
Liquid ethyl alcohol is siphoned to the stills. These are stainless-steel pilasters composed of vaporization chambers and piled on top of one another. The alcohol is rotated up and down continuously. It is heated by the steam up to that point the vapors are discharged and condensed. The process takes away all the impurities. Vapors go up to the upper chambers where these are concentrated. The extracts flow to lower chambers where these are disposed of. Some of the dregs or residue can be sold as feeds for livestock.

At this point, some water is added so the alcohol percentage is reduced significantly.

The final step is bottling in which the alcoholic beverages are transferred to glass bottles. Glass is preferred since the material is non-reactive. Reactive containers like plastic and metal cause possible chemical changes in the alcoholic beverage. Bottling is done by hand to add a another unique twist to our quality control process and then the bottles must be cleaned properly; filled up; capped; closed; labeled; and, placed inside boxes.



H2O Yacht Company/Aqua Vodka is composed of a dedicated team of maritime captains (active and retired) who have gained extensive experience in building, managing and servicing yachts. The group is led by Captain Paul Triporo from Hurst, Texas. He is assisted by Captains Taylor Bowker, Ramon Calderon, James Cascella, Brett Fitzgerald, and many other. The firm’s mission is to broker yachts and help people realize their dreams in the high seas. H2O Yacht Company also engages in humanitarian activities such as supporting different needy and deserving communities.

It contributes to education and ocean awareness campaigns particularly for youngsters all over the world. Some of these are the Children’s Education in Bali – volunteerinbali.org; Safe Havens for Homeless Youth in Florida – covenanthousefl.org; New Zealand Ocean recovery Charity – sustainablecostlines.org; and, Ocean Ecological Preservation (Raja Ampat, Indonesia) – friendlydrifter.com.


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