Beginning Sailing or Yachtsmen Tips!


June, 2017


yachting tips

Do you want to be a Sailor or a Captain?

When you are preparing yourself mentally to purchase a yacht or begin the boating life, you need to ask yourself whether or not you want to be a sailor or a captain. No matter what your answer is, you need to understand boating fundamentals, but how you learn them and how you incorporate them into your life will change the way you act on your vessel.

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Tips for Beginners

Start Small (Everything) – Start with a smaller version of what you are trying to accomplish. Purchase or rent a small sailboat and take it into safe waters. Test out all of the ins and outs that happen with boating and get your sea legs strong.

Tie Knots, a lot – In sailing there is a lot of hoisting and tying and tightening knots. Some of the knots you’ll learn are called water knots, meaning they are designed to stay connected when they emerge in water. Designing these slipknots is vital to keeping your ship together.

yachtsmen tips

A boat can be your greatest friend, or your worst enemy.

sailing tips

Understand the Boom – The boom is where the sail is. It will swing with the wind and move with it creating unpredictable locations and spirals. Preparing for that will keep your sea legs strong!

Respect Nature – Finally, you need to learn how to respect nature. There are a lot of weather patterns, water movements and more that can affect just how easily a boat will stay afloat in the water. If you are unfamiliar with how it works, then it could cost you your ship or your crew.

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