The cost of boat ownership

Owning a boat can be a big decision, and naturally, boats require cash to be kept on hand for a range of expenses. Here’s what owning a boat really costs.

Why it’s important to market your boat listings

As you look up and down the dock, you ask yourself why people would want to buy your boat versus the 12 other boats lined up next to yours. What will give you the edge over the competitors? Good marketing tactics and a great brand image! It’s 2019 and selling anything...

Tips for eco-friendly boating

Boating can be a catch 22 for the eco-friendly among us! As everyone knows, the buzzword these days is “green.” A motorboat by its very nature burns fuel, but nevertheless, you should still be able to turn your boating into a more environmentally friendly activity!
Here are some ways to be a bit more eco and reduce your environmental footprint.

How to Bring your Boat Over Land

When you are ready to buy your first yacht, you have an idea of what you want. Inside your head is a dream that you want to become reality. Picture yourself on your boat in the middle of the ocean. While you could have some experience in sailing and some idea as to which kind of yacht you want, you are best in the hands of someone who knows ships the way we know ourselves.

H2O Now Partners with SeaKeepers

Most yacht sales companies are stuck in their ways, and in the opinion of many, don’t often look after a buyer’s interests. The young brokerage H2O Yacht Co. may be the exception to the rule. The company recently celebrated the success of their unique approach – using sailors to sell yachts instead of salespeople, putting transparency and integrity first and even donating funds from sales to worthy charities.

Welcome to H2O Yacht Co!

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