Choppy Waters: How to Secure your Boat


August, 2017


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When should you Secure your Boat

Securing your boat can be an upsetting thing for those addicted to the waters. But knowing when and how to secure your boat are vital moments.

Storms – Depending on the size of the storm, you can maybe get away with sailing out into it. If it’s a light rain than it is nothing more than ill-advised. But for the thrill seekers out there, this can create a fun atmosphere.

Hurricanes – Assuming you are getting into commercial boating, this is a good way to pick up some great catches as they move away from the storm, but you’ll be facing a lot of chops. You want to dock and strap down your boat when it’s anywhere from 2-3 days out depending on how wide the bands are.

How to Secure your Boat

Floating Docks – Every dock should have a floating dock. These are used to move with the boats instead of maintaining a stationary form. When they are stationary, this means that they will move against your boat and potentially damage it. If you have the chance to strap up for a floating dock, do it.

Strap the Boats Down – Next; you want to strap the boats down as much as possible. If you have a smaller vessel and you are tying it down on land, make sure it is adequately tied down, so it won’t blow around during the storm.

What to do if you’re Caught in a Storm

tie up choppy watersBeing caught in a storm is some of the scariest moments a sailor can face. But if you read this guide and remember these steps, it can save your ship and even your life.

Bailing and Swamping – You need to watch out for swamping and be prepared to bail. Swamping is when excess water ends up on the boat, and it begins to way it down in the waters, which leads to capsizing. To combat this, you need to air tight your ship as much as possible and bail out as much water as you can in the process by using a big bucket or a pail.

Is there Lightning? – If there is lightning striking, you need to turn your ship off and ride the storm out with no engine. Lightning can strike and kill your engine completely by overloading the system. Leaving it on increases your risk for a dead engine.

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