Rising Sea Levels, Raise your Glass



We ask our consumers, friends, family and followers to “raise their glass and awareness to the rising sea levels!”

Our mission is to take an everyday event which is drinking alcohol and attract awareness to the much needed efforts to stop global warming!

We ask philanthropist’s, conservationist’s, nonprofit organizers, humanitarians, social workers, artists, good samaritans, world citizens and of course the bad asses who try and make everyday a new opportunity to be the best you possible – have a glass of our vodka to celebrate your help, your movement and your efforts to making and creating a healthier planet!

Aqua Vodka is run by Paul Triporo of Hurst, Texas; “loyalty and integrity can’t be bought, you are born with it – it’s in your blood”

After selling his belongings to mission around South East Asia where he was teaching kids english and pollution awareness to his students; the kids were turning rubbish into everyday tools like trash cans, brooms and string!

He made a life promise to not only himself but the planet, animals and humans whom call earth their home; where everything he does will impact in every way to help a humanitarian or ecological cause.

June 2, 2017

Aqua Vodka

The vodka is made from NON GMO project verified (www.nongmoproject.org) Grain Neutral Spirits and is mixed with Reverse Osmosis water where it is know that R.O water filters out all the sediment and impurities such as rust, calcium carbonate, organic chemicals and chlorine to make our vodka “Pure as Water”

The company will continue to partner up and help initiatives such as 4Ocean and Sustainable Coastlines Org, where it has been seen through a social movement both are helping raise awareness about the plastic pollution issues we currently face for more information on their company follow the link’s provided. www.4ocean.com and www.sustainablecoastlines.org

Drink responsibly Eco-Warriors!

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