What happens to a boat during a hurricane?


September, 2017


docking during a hurricane
hurricane boat

Boats will have a tremendously difficult time surviving in the open waters during a hurricane. This is because a hurricane will hoover up all the nearby water and fling it into its body where it will be torn in any number of directions. Now that we’ve discussed and confirmed that keeping your boat out in the open is a bad idea, we can discuss how boats can prepare for a hurricane.

How do boats prepare for a hurricane?

There are two predominate ways to keep your boat safe during a hurricane. Besides the obvious strap it up a couple of hundred miles from the predicated path, two popular ways don’t involve travel lifts or traveling.

What options do boats and yachts have?

Strap your Boats to the Shore – One of the most common ways of keeping your boat safe during a storm is to strap the boats to the shore. This prevents them from floating away and keeps them safely tethered to the shore. However, if a direct strike happens, this might be difficult because the whole dock could go away.

Floating Docks, Tall Pillings – The best way to keep your boats safe is using a floating dock with tall pillings. This will keep your boat tethered to a tall pilling to adjust for the low and high water shifts that happen during a hurricane. Additionally, this will make it much safer from shifting waters.

How do Floating Docks Work?

A floating dock is a platform that is supported by expanding rollers and foam that can adjust to multiple layered levels of movement. This is ideal in the case of storms, hurricanes, or areas where high tide typically happens. They are created to be able to adjust to the sea level as opposed to being fixed to the land.


Pillings are the rods that extend from a floating beach with which your boat can be tethered too. While they look abnormal at sea level, being attached to them is ideal for maintaining a tethered line during a storm. The higher they are, the higher your boat can go and still be tethered.

floating docks hurricane

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